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  1. Varsayılan dvd programı lazım..

    ya bana dvd programı lazım..bs player da seyretmeye çalıştım ama olmadı..dilini türkçeye çeviremedim.. bana bi dvd programı söyliyebilirmisiniz??

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    gom player herşeyi oynatabilen çok ii bir program tavsiye ederim .

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    saol tşk ederim..tavsiyen için saol

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    Katılım Tarihi


    JetAudio eğer ses sistemin de güzelse oldukça güzel efektlere sahip.
    PhenomII X4 955 8 MB, Zalman CNPS10X CPU Fan, Gigabyte 990XA-UD3, Sapphire HD6870 1GB, 3*2GB HiLevel DDR3 1600 MHz, Corsair 120 GB Force GT SATA3 SSD, Seagate 1GB Barracuda ST1000DM003, Samsung 320GB 16M SATA2, LG 22XNS40 DVD-RW, Samsung P2250 2ms DVI LCD Monitor, NetMaster CBW-383Z4 (uydunet modem), OCZ stealthxstream 600W PSU, Minton kasa, VESTEL HT-728DT 5+1, --Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

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    hımmmm tavsiyen için saol..

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    http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ vlc yi dene açmadığı uzantı olduğunu göremedim daha

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    iii bakarım ona bi..

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    Unhappy The Realm Of The Unreal

    The Realm Of The UnrealI For a part of the distance between Auburn and Newcastle the road -- first on one side of a creek and then on the other -- occupies the whole bottom of the ravine, being partly cut out of the steep hillside, and partly built up with boulders removed from the creek-bed by the miners. The hills are wooded, the course of the ravine is sinuous. In a dark night careful driving is required in order not maple story mesos to go off into the water. The night that I have in memory was dark, the creek a torrent, swollen by a recent storm. I had driven up from Newcastle and was within about a mile of Auburn in the darkest and narrowest part of the ravine, looking intently ahead of my horse for the roadway. Suddenly I saw a man almost under the animal's nose, and reined in with a jerk that came near setting the creature upon its haunches. 'I beg your pardon,' I said; 'I did not see you, sir.' 'You could hardly be expected to see me,' the man replied civilly, approaching the side of the vehicle; 'and the noise of wow power leveling the creek prevented my hearing you.' I at once recognized the voice, although five years had passed since I had heard it. I was not particularly well pleased to hear it now. 'You are Dr. Dorrimore, I think,' said I. 'Yes; and you are my good friend Mr. wow power leveling Manrich. I am more than glad to see you -- the excess,' he added, with a light laugh, 'being due to the fact that I am going your way, and naturally expect an invitation to ride with you.' 'Which I extend with all my heart.' That was not altogether true. Dr. Dorrimore thanked me as he archlord goldseated himself beside me, and I drove cautiously forward, as before. Doubtless it is fancy, but it seems to me now that the remaining distance was made in a chill fog; that I was uncomfortably cold; that the way was longer than ever before, and the town, when we reached it, cheerless, forbidding, and desolate. It must have been early in the evening, yet I do not recollect a light in any of the houses nor a living thing in the streets. Dorrimore explained at some length how he happened to be there, and where he had been during the years that had buy archlord gold elapsed since I had seen him. I recall the fact of the narrative, but none of the facts narrated. He had been in foreign countries and had returned -- this is all that my memory retains, and this I already knew. As to myself I cannot remember that I spoke a word, though doubtless I did.

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    Son Mesaj: 05.10.2008, 21:38
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